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Visit Kassiopi Castle

When the Byzantine Emperor Manuel Komnenus II ruled in 1267, the fortress of Kassiopi was the largest Angevin castle built in the best medieval methods. The outward wall being over a kilometer and have a few small towers, remnants of which can still be seen today o­n the hill overlooking Kassiopi.

Kassiopi Castle overlooks the main harbour and out to sea. It is entirely free to enter. Across from the church there are stairways which lead on to the castle. The path is quite steep and uneven in places which could make it difficult for anyone who struggles with walking. It is definitely worth the effort as the views from the Castle are astounding!


Remember that it will be much cooler in the morning and don't forget to take your camera and a drink.

Kassiopi Castle
Greek Dancing
Kostas Bar Kassiopi

Enjoy Greek Dancing at KOSTAS Bar

Greek dancing is one activity you must witness when visiting Kassiopi.

Crowds of people flock to Kostas Bar every evening to see the Greek men and women carry out their traditional dances with such great style and enthusiasm.

From outside, one can hear the people 'whooping' with delight as they watch (and sometimes even join in!) this vibrant entertainment.


Kostas Bar is truly a family affair with well behaved children being made most welcome. Arrive early to ensure a seat in the air conditioned bar and a warm welcome from Kay and Kosta.


Spend a Day at the Beach

Kassiopi stands in the foothills of the Pantokrator mountains and has many splendid beaches and coves situated around its historic headland.


Kalamionas is Kassiopi's main beach. It has a blue flag award for its cleanliness and crystal clear turquoise waters. In fact all of Kassiopis beaches are spotlessly clean and considered very safe for swimming. Do be aware in shallow water where among the rocks you may find some spiny sea urchins - we recommend wearing suitable footwear!

Head around the historic headland to find more stunning beaches and quaint little coves.

Kassiopi's 4 main beaches:

Kalamionas, Pipitos, Kanoni and Bataria.


Other local beaches:

Kalamaki, Imerolia and Avlaki.

Kassiopi Beaches
Kassiopi Shopping

Go Shopping

Shopping in Kassiopi can be fun and exciting, from the souvenir shops to the lace, olive wood and jewellery offered you are sure to find that special piece of memorabilia to take home with you. There are also several supermarkets, bakeries, delicatessens, a fishmongers and a butchers selling quality local produce.

Agathi's Lace Shop. Greece is famous for its handmade lace and embroidered cotton and there is lots of choice at this shop! You may also see Agathi at work making lace table mats and embroidered tablecloths. Ask to see the amazing artwork and olive wood wares all produced by members of her family.

Kassiopi is still a working historical port and it's an interesting one too!


Experience AKKI at Lekkas Traditional Greek Family Taverna - OOOOOPA

Meet the marvelous and truly amazing Akki at Lekkas Traditional Greek Family Taverna! Being the son of the bars owner, entrepreneur and world wide traveler Mike The Fisherman, Akki is blessed with undeniable quick wit and 'Addonis' like features. Akki is the carat within the Jewel of the Emerald Isle.

You will find Akki pouring drinks, mixing cocktails, serving meals, telling yarns and shouting 'OOOPA!' til the early hours most nights of the week.


Akki with his enthusiastic nature and fun filled fantastical mind ensures there's never a dull moment  at Lekkas Traditional Greek Family Taverna - OOOOOOPA

Lekkas Taverna
Dine Out
Kassiopi Dining

Dine Out at the Snack Bars & Restaurants

Taverns, restaurants, cafes and snack bars are abundant in Kassiopi. You will find traditional Greek cuisine alongside Italian, English and other European dishes. We have yet to be served a 'bad' meal anywhere in Kassiopi however our favourites are:-

Janis Taverna Restaurant. Book an evening table on the veranda over-looking Kalamanis Beach and watch the sun set over the Albanian mountains. Amazing Steak and Greek Mezes.


Little Italy Restaurant specialises in authentic Italian dishes including a variety of pastas and pizzas all freshly prepared.


No.7. Eat In or Take-Away. Some of the tastiest burgers and Gyros we have ever tried! Located in the village square. A great place to unwind with a Mythos and watch the world go by.

Swim Fish

Swim with a Variety of Fish

All of Kassiopi's beaches have beautiful crystal clear waters. They boast a variety of colourful fish that come in all shapes and sizes. Take a small amount of bread with you snorkeling and watch as shoals of fish come to feed all around you! Octopus can also be spotted and are often found hiding in the smallest of spaces.

Kassiopi is also ideally situated to explore a little further afield by boat. Hire a boat from the harbour and head east to experience snorkeling in some of the hidden pebble bays only accessible by sea.

Snorkeling equipment can be purchased locally at some reasonable prices. If not wearing flippers then we would recommend wearing some rubber soled 'sea shoes' (also available locally) as spiny sea urchins live on the underwater rocks.

Kassiopi Snokelling
Kassiopi Sunsets

Watch a Stunning Sunset

Kassiopi has many sunset vantage points. Remember to take a camera with you for some amazing photographs and a torch to find your way back!

The Harbour - Order a cocktail and watch the sunset from one of the many bars.

Pipitos Beach - Pack an evening picknik and stroll out to the headland for a romantic sunset on Pipitos Beach.

The Castle - This historic castle makes for a beautiful sunset backdrop with some stunning views over Kassiopi harbour.

The Hills Behind Kassiopi - Seek an elevated position for some stunning views over Kassiopi village.

Janis Restaurant - Book a table and watch the sunset over Kalamionas beach.

Book Tour

Book an Excursion or Tour

There are several Tour Operators offering a variety  of day trips and excursions via coach or boat. Here are just a few...

BBQ Cruise: Sail to a deserted beach and enjoy an all inclusive BBQ.

Hydropolis Water Park: Giant slides with little or no queues. All inclusive Food. 10 Minute Drive.

Corfu Town Coach Trip: Spend a day in Corfu Town. Visit the old fortress or enjoy shopping in the tradition markets.

Day Sailing to Albania: Visit the fabulous archaeological site at Butrint on the Albanian mainland.

Paleokastritsa Mini Tour: Enjoy Corfu's most famous beauty spot. Visit the 13th century monastery, a museum, a distillery and spend a couple of hours at the stunning beach.

Corfu Town Evening Cruise: Sail to Corfu Town and enjoy 4 hours ashore before returning to Kassiopi under a canopy of stars!

Kassiopi Boating
Kassiopi Festivals

Experience a Traditional Greek Festival

Many festivals occur throughout the year, the main one of course, being Easter, during which there are many church services throughout the week and big family celebrations on Easter Sunday. On many of these occasions in Kassiopi there are festivals held outdoors, called Paniyiri, when there will be music, dancing and lambs roasted on spits.


1st January: Epihany. Celebration of the baptism of Jesus. Crosses thrown into the water and young men retrieve it. All over Corfu.

17th April: The annual Kassiopi Mountain Trail Race

8th May: Assumption of the Virgin Mary

2nd August: Kassiopi Folklore Festival

15th August: Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Canoni.

17th September: Kassiopi Wine Festival


Vehicle Hire

Hire a Vehicle and Explore

In recent years the types of vehicle available for hire in and around Kassiopi has somewhat expanded. No longer are you limited to hiring a small car or wobbly scooter. You can now take to the road on Trails Bikes, Quads and even Beach Buggies!

Hire a vehicle and enjoy exploring the many delights Corfu has to offer. Around each corner is a new surprise. Below are a few ideas.

Grab the camera and head off up into the mountains for some beautiful views of the surrounding island.

Take a drive along the coast road towards Sidari with your swimming costume and trunks.

Pack a picnic and check out the deserted mountain village of Old Perithia.

Kassiopi Vehicle Hire
Kassiopi Holy Trinity Church

Be Amazed by the Church

The church of The Blessed Virgin Panayia Kassopitra and its pretty surroundings are tucked away just off the main street on the right hand side as you head down towards the harbour.


Inside there is an icon of the Blessed Virgin which at one time was credited with having miraculous powers. For this reason Kassiopi became a place of pilgrimage long before St. Spyridon became the island’s patron saint.

Beneath the church lie the remains of an ancient temple to Jupiter Cassius, from whom Kassiopi gets its name. The church was initially destroyed in 1537 by the Turks, but was rebuilt by the Venetians around 1590.


Anyone can go into the church but they do need to be dressed respectfully.

Saddle Up!

Saddle Up!

More information to follow soon ...

Corfu Horse Riding
Ship Ahoy!
Kassiopi Boat Hire

Be a Sea Captain!

Filippos has a huge variety of stable ribs and power boats which you can captain for the day.


See the best of Corfu from the eyes of sailors past. Drop anchor in one of the many deserted coves and enjoy a picnic and swim with the fish!


Complete with sun canopy, comfy seating, center console remote steering, swim ladder and anchor these boats are a pleasure to take out on the water and handle like a dream. You can hire up to a 30hp boat without any kind of licence. Should you hold a powerboat licence then Filippos has some beasts as well!  

Filippos Boat Hire office is located on the right hand side of the harbour.


We can wholly recommend this experience

Marley & Me

Marley & Me

Ok so for those people who have not met me before, may I introduce myself, I am Marley. 

 I am quite well known in Kassiopi and enjoy warm summer evenings sat at the bar greeting both old friends and new, so if you are in Kassiopi please call in to the Poseidon Hotel and have a drink with me at the Trident Bar & Coffee Lounge, my mum will serve you she's the Me in the partnership and she is also very friendly xx

You can follow my adventures on my Facebook page by clicking HERE

Marley and Me in Kassiopi
Learn Greek

Learn a Little Greek

Greek Alphabet

It is always appreciated when a visitor makes the effort to use a few Greek words. Here are a few to help you get by.

Yes - Ναι. (neh)

No - Οχι. (OH-khee)

Please & You're Welcome - Παρακαλω. (pah-rah-kah-LOH)

Thank you - Ευχαριστω. (ef-khah-rees-TOH)

Hello (formal) - Γεια σας. (YAH sahss) (means literally "your health")

Hello (informal) - Γεια σου. (YAH soo)

Goodbye - Αντιο. (AHN-dee-oh)

Nice to meet you - Χαρηκα. (HA-ree-ka)

How are you - Τι κανετε; (tee KAH-neh-teh?)

Fine, thank you. (And you?) - Καλά, ευχαριστώ. (Και εσείς;) (kah-LAH ef-khah-rees-TOH (keh eh-SEES?))

Excuse me (getting attention & begging pardon) - Συγνωμη. (See-GHNO-mee)

I'm sorry - Λυπαμαι. (lee-PAH-meh)

Good day - Καλημέρα. (kah-lee-MEH-rah)

Good evening - Καλησπέρα. (kah-lee-SPEH-rah)

Good night - Καληνύχτα. (kah-lee-NEEKΗ-tah)

Do you speak English? - Μιλατε αγγλικα; (mee-LAH-teh ang-glee-KAH?)

I don't understand - Δεν καταλαβαινω. (dhen kah-tah-lah-VEH-no)

Help! - Βοήθεια! (Voh-EE-thee-yah!)

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