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The different festivals that occur throughout Corfu over the year but mostly in the summer are endless.

Every village has at least 3-4 per year, so with more than 200 villages on the island one can calculate that there are local festivals and celebrations almost daily.

We mention only the most important festivals and other events that attract the most people.

40 days after Easter: the feast of the Ascension, at the Analipsis area in Kanoni.

May 8 and August 15: festivals on the Assumption in Kassiopi and the Kanoni area.

20 May: Festival at Alikes of Potamos village.

May 21: Konstantine and Helen feast oin Koulines village.

May 21: Achillian race with its finish in the square of Benitses.

June 9: Celebrations in Alykes of Potamos, Petalia mountain village and Potamos.

Lekkas Bar Kassiopi
Kassiopi Parade
Kassiopi Corfu Easter

June 12: Celebration in Pelekas.

June 24: Day of Saint John, the festival at Mantouki and also in many villages with the lampatines festival where people jump over fires.

June 24: Feast of the Holy Spirit in Kontokali, Argyrades, Stavros village, Kastellani Mesis and Othoni island.

June 29: Peter and Paul feast in Kompitsi, Stroggyli, Vitalades and Gaios at Paxos.

July 2: Notre Blachernon, festival in Garitsa.

July 8: Feast of Agios Prokopios in the villages of Agios Prokopios and Kavos Lefkimi.

July 13: Festival in the Sarocco square for Saint Spyridon.

July 20: Feast of the Prophet Elijah in Magoulades village.

July 26: Agia Paraskevi at Porta Remounta festival and a celebration in Benitses.

July 15-17: Agia Marina, a large festival in Benitses.

July 27: Saint Panteleimon festival at the Psychiatric Hospital.

August 6: Feast of the Transfiguration of the Saviour,in the Mouse island, Perivoli village, Strinnyla and Palaiochori, Agioi Deka and Agios Mattheos and six-day pilgrimage from 1 to August 6 at the top of the Pantokrator.

August 11: at first Sunday of November, Palm Sunday and Holy Saturday, on these dates 4 processions are accompanied by bands from all over the island.

August 15: Festival on the fifteenth of August in the Monastery of Platytera.

August 16: Gala weekend in the village of Kato Garouna.

August 23: Feast of Our Lady Odigitrias in the villages of Gastouri, Pelekas and Agioi Deka.

September 8: Feast at the villages of Afra, Sinarades, Marathia, and San Marcos Potami Lefkimi.

September 14: Feast of the Holy Cross at the monastery of St. John and in Sidari.

September 14: Feast of sardines in Benitses.

September 24: Celebrations at Vatos village.

September 26: Saint John the Theologian, festival in Karousades and Porta Remounta.

December 6: Festival in Kampielo and Kanalia area.

Kassiopi Harbour
Kassiopi Harbour Corfu
Kassiopi Street Festival
Kassiopi Restaurant
Kassiopi Castle
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